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Subj: There you go, it was fun 
Date: 1/20/03 11:50:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Abraham Bogard (If you would like to contact him, you'll have to email me and I'll send it to him)
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Abraham Bogard: Pic submitted by him and edited by Rachel :) Name: Abraham CeceƱa Llamosas
DoB: 06/08/82
Height: Between 5'6'' and 5'7''
Weight: 80 kgs (and still losing to be 70 kgs, i used to be 105 kgs a year ago)
Nationality: Mexican
Blood type: O+
Status: Single for life(very bad luck with women, they dont die, but i do loose them)
Hobbies: Martial Arts, video games, anime, DDR.
Fav. food: junk food and italian.
Quote: If i am really strong, why do i keep training then?

Terry Bogard Interview

1.    Alright.  So tell me Abraham, when did you first encounter Terry and what was your first impression of him?

I first encountered Terry when i played Fatal Fury 2 for the SNES, i rented it at a blockbuster, and i really liked the game, especially Terry (obviously), since his moves were the coolest, strongest and fastest ones, in my opinion. The only thing that bothered me is that i never got to control his Power Geyser at first, besides it was really hard in the D-pad. My first impression of Terry was his clothes, they looked so cool, especially the red-stared vest, thats a must have for me. His attitude in the game gave me a little doubt, but when i got enough info about him, i found out that he is the greatest fighter ever (in games and in anime).

2.    What had a bigger imapct on you:  The game he was in or the animation?
I'd say the Anime, since it was explained in more detail, but i like the game also.

3.    Please explain to us why you like one better than the other or both.
The game has its moments, but somehow i couldnt find the reason of Terry's fighting life, until i saw the anime, i was really, REALLY hooked up. The anime has the story of Terry i never imagined, i mean, wow, the king of fighters title, the strongest, the best in the world, but at the cost of his loved ones. Its sad and true at the time, cause if Terry had Lily or Sulia by now, i guess he would have never gained a higher level, or might have ended up just a retired fighter, and maybe never teaching Rock. His life had his ups and downs, but his undying will to keep on fighting until the very end never stops to impress me, he is a true fighter, THE king of fighters.

4.    Here's the million dollar question:  How do you feel about Terry always fighting dangerously powerful men all the time and losing loved ones?
Well, about the love ones, what can i say? Anybody would be sad to lose someone you love. I dont pity Terry for bever having the one woman in his life, but i cant say that im happy for it either, its simply fate, to be best, there are sacrifices. And about his fights, i sometimes get worried, not because i doubt Terry's victory, oh no, never, its just that, well, how can i put this. In the KoF series, we all know that Kyo is sadly the little star, but compare life styles of all the fighters in the KoF series, theire experiences, theire fights, theire mark in their own history, obviusly Terry is the original and one and only KoF, but the reason i get worried is that if they make a comic or anime of KoF where, oh lets say, Terry vs Kyo, its quite posible that the stupid guy in charge of the storyline will make Kyo the victor just because he is the star of KoF. And thats stupid. But i dont care, i know that Terry is the best, he is a character you can never leave out in anything.

5.    Does Terry really need a girlfriend in your opinion, or not?  Now be honest :)
Well, i have a yes and no answer:
-Yes: because no one deserves to be alone, even by fate, besides, it would be nice to see Terry happy with someone.
-No: She would be an enormous distraction in his training and life, he will lose his fame as the legendary lone wolf, which is the coolest title ever.

6.    You've said you have been preparing your Terry Bogard costume and getting into tip-top shape to look the part.  What inspired you to do all of this?
Well, nothing inspired me to do it, i just love his clothes, they look really cool, especially the vest, totally awesome, i mean, the clothes are somewhat easy (Red converse boot type sneakers, tight white shirt for my almost 100% devoloped muscles and abs, red stared vest made by a friend of mine who knows how to sow(thank you Lisa), jeans (i am at weist 32, i am trying to get to 30 at the most and 28 at the least, and i was a 37 almost 1 year ago), gloves, home made hat), and for the body part, well, im to short (5'6'' or 5'7''), my weight is getting there(80kgs), black hair(but its getting long), and dark brown eyes.

7.    Have you been to any conventions and cosplayed before?
Yep, last year at San Diego Comic Con 2002 and 2001, and i am doing it again this year.

8.    If so, please describe your experience and if not, tells us if you would cosplay Terry and what you would feel like around other cosplayers.
It was cool, everybody noticed me as the KoF, they were all "Whoah, Terry" and "Terry's the man", there was this one dude who went as Terry also, but he totally sucked in some areas, he was waaaaaaaaaay too skinny, he had BLUE converse, baggy jeans, black shirt, and the vest was too long, but his height, hat and hair were good. I suck in height and hair, but i try my best, and last year i proved that i represented Terry better than the other guy. As for other cosplayers, theyre cool, as long as they honor their favorite characters.

9.    If you could have one other person cosplay with you, who would that person cosplay?
Ummm, gee thats a toughie. It would be between three anime girls in this order:
1.- May Lee
2.- Blue Mary
3.- Shermie

10.  How long do you expect to like Terry and why?
I dont know what type you mean, if its the falling for him type, then no way in hell, hey, Terry is an inspiration for me, but hey come on, im a guy. But if its the type of "Do you like his attitude, personality, life, etc...", then yeah, he is cool, he rules. I still dont understand the question 100%, if you are not sure of my answer, ask me again, but be a little more specific.Abraham Bogard

11.  What if, let's say just for fun, the Fatal Fury world was real and you were Terry Bogard.  How would you feel about everything?  A little weird, frustrated, or what?
I would feel just like him, since i would be him, not knowing that Abraham was never me or ever existed.

12.  Have you thought about taking any martial arts since you've been a Terry fan?  Why or why not?
I've been practicing before i became a fan, thats the sweet part. I know Tae Kwon Do right now, but i will take another 3 to 6 styles more to be more balanced, i too wanna be the best in the world, at least once, i can tell you by e-mail my life dream if you like some other time.

13.  Let's say you were in your Terry costume and some crazed fan that loved Terry (like me ^x^) walked up to you, took a Polaroid pic, then asked you to sign it with his or her sharpie...  Would you do it?!?!  ^^
Sure, why not? It would be great to know that Terry is respected and well known.

14.  Which hat do you perfer?  The game or the anime one (Fatal Fury or metal front)?
I like them both, the Fatal Fury logo one cause its his original cap, and the metal front one cause it looks cool.

15.  Finally, our last question:  How do you categorize yourself as a Terry Bogard fan and why?
I dont understand this one either, but here goes. I'd say from a scale of 1 to 10, i'd say 8, cause i might have the costume, some relation with his profile (lone wolf, same blood type, i also love video games, training and a little basketball on the side, i wanna be the best also in martial arts). But i would only go so far, cause Terry obviously has natural long blonde hair, so i should have my own natural long BLACK hair, get it? Still, i will always back Terry up, from good to bad, on matter what, long live the king of all fighters.

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