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Ok guys.. this is where I make my stand and come out with it.. I.. I.. well.. LOVE TERRY BOGARD OK!!! THERE I SAID IT..!!!! And heh heh.. yeah ^.^ I just was dyin to get that out.. By now you have noticed that I have picked Terry over all the other Fatal Fury members and KoF members AS A GUY favorite of mine. And yes you heard me right.. as a GUY favorite. My all time favorite gal is Blue Mary. I came across her because Terry was my first favorite though. But being a girl myself, wouldn't you pick a female character as your all time favorite? Thats what I thought ^.^

I shall continue on about everything I have so far found out about Terry so I'll try to make it interesting. First off I'll start by asking myself questions that you might have in mind for me.

How did you come across Terry Bogard?

Well.. thats a good question. I first saw Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture 2 years ago and basically loved it. I looked into some things and liked Mai Shiranui a lot. She had Andy who was cute and everything, and who was also Terry's brother. But I didn't like Sulia or Lily all that much because they had both died. Why would I like to idolize a dead anime girl? After awhile.. I had grown tired of liking Mai and looking for someone who liked Andy online and so I went back to my wonderful Terry. I decided to do more research on him and talk to my good online friend David (a.k.a. Ranma or Kyo who I've known for 2 years now) about him. This was before I found out there was a game and the Fatal Fury team was in King of Fighters (KoF). Well.. David had been a master at KoF and mentioned a girl Terry was interested in in the game. This took my interests.. and then I wandered into the world of "BLUE MARY".. As I read and read information on the web, I found out lots more about her and then for sure set my sites on Terry as my favorite anime guy character, because.. Blue Mary was a love of his that would never die from some odd curse or a bizarre fate or anything.

What do you see in Terry that other Anime guys dont have?

Hmm.. you might say that they're other anime guys out there that could over power Terry not only with looks, but personality and character. But Terry Bogard is just my type of man and I set my heart on him. I looked past all those bad animations of him and flames that most people said about him. And especially his name.. "Terry" Yeah.. people have complained to me, "Its a girls name!" But no no no.. the girl way to spell Terry is T-E-R-R-I.. not with the I at the end (I don't care if it is anyway!). Also.. I have heard that his full real name was Terrence, which would mean that Terry was for short. So haha.. proved you guys wrong that said it was a girls name I guess ^.^ ::mutters about them being rude about it.. (you know who you are)::. Anyways, back to what I see in him.. He's very strong in the heart and body, which doubles the sugah on him ^.^ He's a wolf.. and if you become part of the pac, you gotta stick with them.

Is or has there ever been anything in your life while you were growing up to make you attracted to Terry?

Hai, there has. While I was growing up as a small child in the 80s, my parents would always listen to classic rock and where those funky clothes like they did >.< And you ask, "What does this have to do with Terry Bogard?" Well.. a lot actually. If you look closely to the characters clothing, style, and speech, seems like they grew up in the 80s as well, ne? Or actually the early 90s but I grew up in them too. I like the classic kinda guy. I wouldn't really call it "Classic" but you know what I'm talking about. The shredded jeans.. long blonde hair or just wisped back cut to the ears, listens to rock or heavy metal and all that good stuff. Basically.. I've adapted to liking Terry's style. But ya know there is no way anyones gonna find a man on this earth (or where I'm at) that looks like him cause he's an anime and game character! ::huffs and puffs:: Concluding.. my childhood and present have based my ideals on Terry Bogard ^.^

Are you.. obsessed with Terry, or did you just pick him as your favorite guy character?

Depends on what you think is obsessed ^.^ Nah.. I'm not obsessed with him. Just appreciate who ever thought up his character. We all have our favorites correct? And even I am an Otaku and not set on just Fatal Fury and SNK's KoF and Fatal Fury games.. But they're certain things that fans must do to get their points across, ya know? And building this shrine, temple, domain, whatever you wanna call it. (Although I have refered to it as a shrine!) is one of them. In the end.. I am not obsessed with Terry Bogard ^.^ I just like him a lot!

What is your ultimate goal to show your viewers you really love Terry?

Well.. I could write 100 fanfics about him.. or draw a life size mural of him on my wall.. but nah, I'll do those things if I get obsessed u.u but one way I plan on showing you guys I love him.. Is this.. Page, shrine, temple, domain, whatever you wanna call it! (Hai hai.. I know I have refered to it as a shrine already!). It would be my dream come true to make this place the #1 shrine to Terry though. The only way I could make that happen would be through you guys, so please, as the people of the world, help me make my dream come true, and tell your friends about this place or advertise on your pages, sign the guestbook, anything, just please.. help my dream come true! I've put so much time into this place for Terry, and if you, the people of the anime world or gamer world or just world, care just a little? Please, make this happen for me, and all the other Terry fans of the world.

If you ever had the chance.. to actually meet Terry Bogard, what would you say to him?

What would I say, or what would I do really.. Actually no.. I wouldn't flip out like other obsessed fans of other anime characters ^.^v But its a good question.. I've never really thought about it before. Hmmm.. I'd probably say, "Hello, how are ya?" Which is very simple and a casual way to introduce yourself, and of course I would get around to that and my fandom ^.^ I don't think I would like to get with him though because how can you date your favorite character?!?! Its just not sane.. so maybe I don't like him all that much because I have thought about what it would be like to be his girlfriend! It was a scary thought when the karma rumor went around.. @.@ jk, but remember, it was just a rumor!

If you could change anything about Terry Bogard, what would it be?

Hmmm.. what would it be? I can't think of anything at the moment, but I did think about this.. I like him for who he is and what his character is all about right? So that must mean that.. changing anything about him wouldn't mean I was his true fan and well, thats probably why I can't think of anything I would change about him, cause I'm a true fan ^.^p But in the past before I took on my true form of fandom for Terry.. I did have one thing I had wanted to change about him.. and that was definetly his age >.< He seemed to freaking old to me! And I simply couldn't handle the oversized age difference ^.^ But.. it doesn't really bother me now anyways. So I wouldn't change his age after all if I even had the chance to, cause he wouldn't be the same Terry.. would he?

Have you ever found any Terry look alikes in anime before?

Well yeah I have ^.^ I did mention I was an Otaku didn't I? There are a few that have some similarities to Terry and darring roles as well.. For starters, lets go with Gourry from Slayers, blonde hair long hair, leading man, real cute. Yeah.. I know what your thinking.. "Why didn't I think of that before?" I dunno.. maybe cause I just thought of it now u.u; And then what about Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi? Yeah Nakago doesn't play the same role as Terry, but man does he have that blonde long hair eh!! And a sexy body too.. *.* Lets all think a minute about who else resembles Terry.. Well of course! His flesh and blood, Andy!! I guess leaving that hair long and blonde stays in their family, ne? But incase some of you didn't know.. Jeff Bogard (Terry and Andy's father) had adopted the two.. "Oh?!?!" Mm hmm.. I didn't studder.. you heard right ^.^ Amazing no?

Where is Terry originally from do you say?

South Town.. Definetely South Town, (Hah.. I might be wrong, but its a heck of an answer!). And didn't ya know.. Blue Mary and Terry met in South Town ^.^ How ironic, yeah I know. I haven't quite found out where his and Andy's birthplace was.. I wish someone would put something that they knew out there about it! Its always unknown.. or not listed in the profile.. just a bunch of b.s. I mean.. somebody made Terry up right?! Well what happened.. did they just... get lazy and decide not to tell the fans and viewers the adopted birth place! I mean.. even a hospital would have been nice, all well, life goes on ne?

I've noticed the headings on this.. Shrine, temple, domain, (or just shrine like you refered) has had sayings or quotes on them like "Come meet the dawn.." and "Its a brand new day.." and was wondering if they had any significance?

Very perceptive of you to notice that, and yes.. there is something to it. If you were a big fan of Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, you might have noticed what it was from. And yes.. it is from something, to be precise.. the ending song titled "Oh Angel." It has been my favorite song for the longest time, but after awhile I really started to listen to it.. and related it to some things. I thought it would be creatful to share some of the chorus parts with my viewers even though they hadn't noticed them at all, and just thought they were for looks. Each saying does go with the pages though, it.. gives them character and feeling I think, don't you? ::nod nod:: I'll be sure to upload the mp3 I have of the song to my site for you guys to listen to it. Its rather rad ^.^

Do you think Terry Bogard will always be your favorite anime and game character of all time?

Well at this moment I would have to say yes. And I'm sure if you asked me that question long ago it would be yes too ^.^ Satisfied? Good.

Don't you feel you've written quite a lot in the past few hours on this page and feel the need to stop for awhile?

It was 'HAI...' for a long time.. but not anymore! :D

Now tell us since it's been years since you've touched this shrine.. is Terry still your favorite?
Yes! For the love of god yes! Let's see.. when was his character made? The 80's or so? My God! You'd be suprised how great he is even now! Masami Obari did an excellent job on his animation and artwork and still to this day.. Terry's got the looks! But.. dun dun dunn.. there has been someone that almost surpassed him! ::big gasp from the audience:: Yes.. But his character smokes and I cannot stand smoking! (it makes a man.. un kissable -.-;) So.... Terry prevails over all once again!

Since you have had two years to contemplate on Terry's character a little more, what have you perceived?
He's a totally passionate guy! Ya see.. Terry can get real caught up in his emotions.. Guess what guys, he's a pisces! Sometimes said to be wishy washy.. Terry really isn't :) He can be romantic and really fun wherever he goes! Pisces men rule, my crush is one ^.~ Have you ever really noticed how Terry slowly gets close to his lovers? I mean.. everytime he doesn't just pounce on them or nothin, just gradually gets into it. I think that after Lily he was always scared of losing another.. (yeah.. actually that's it ^.^). But with Mary? Who's to know.. I've rped a little with a Fatal Fury group over the past few months and Terry-mun really did do a good job at role playing Terry. Since he did, it gave me a pretty good perspective of how things would end up with Terry and his feelings for Mary.

This time Mary would have to come to Terry and tell him how she felt. Even when she did.. he would try to refuse them. In the end, he gives up and decides to except her feelings and gives his in exchange.. (yay!). Lucky for Terry, she isn't gonna die on him. ::happy music with content sigh:: Yeah.. ^.^


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